HEPA Purifier & Dehumidifier Advantage

HEPA Purifier

HEPA or High Efficiency Particulate Air filters have been helping in improving Indoor Air Quality for quite a long time now. The birth of HEPA air purifier was brought about by the need to remove radioactive materials that were suspended in the air after World War II. After being successful in doing that, They were considered as the best one there is. They have been used in cleaning indoor air in many places from homes to offices, and from malls to manufacturing plants.

They have also been used to suppress allergies like asthma. Its efficient ability to remove contaminants in the air help very well in addressing allergy problems.

How It Works?

It uses HEPA air filters that have very small grains to be able to screen out even the smallest solid particulates. It contains very fine fibers to be able to filter out all particulates suspended in the air stream. These fibers also makes it easier to clean the air purifier because it is not easily clogged with dirt or any particulates removed from the air.

They are found to remove 99.97% of air particulates even with the sizeof 0.3 microns. The way how a HEPA purifier is engineered and how it functions helps well in removing a large portion of the air particulates that can cause harm to your body.

The drawback of a HEPA purifier is that it cannot remove gaseous air particulates and odors that may be suspended in the air. It needs to be used along with an air machine that uses activated carbon in filtering. If a HEPA purifier and an activated carbon machine work together, they can surely provide greater filtering service for the air you breathe.

Now, when you plan to buy the best air purifier, get one of them.

The main reason why you should only choose a HEPA air purifier over other top rated air purifiers is efficiency. They are known for providing the highest efficiency rating when it comes to filtering air particulates to provide people with only the cleanest air to breathe in. According to studies, They provide the best mechanism to remove almost 98% of air particulates that can cause harmful effects to our bodies. This is by far the best statistics there is when it comes to filtering contaminants found in the air.

It is very helpful especially for people who have high sensitivity to air particulates or allergens. If you are one of these people, installing a HEPA air purifier in places where you often stay will lead to the betterment of your health. You will notice that you will get sick less compared when you have not installed an air purifier yet. Furthermore, you might even be able to eliminate your allergies once you have been exposed to clean air for a very long time.

Though it can be expensive, you must not hesitate in investing in your health. Buying this type of air purifier and immediately installing it is the best solution for your allergies and other airborne-related health problems.

There are certain air purifiers in the market that claim to be True HEPA air purifiers but are only using filters similar but not exactly alike with HEPA air filters. You should avoid getting this type of air purifiers as they won’t be able to aid you in combating airborne health problems like a True HEPA air purifier would. To know if the home air purifiers you bought are them, you must be able to see the effects in just a few hours. After one to two hours of installation, your body’s reaction to allergens should gradually subside. There should be less sneezing, wheezing, and itching if you really got one of them.

To be sure that you are getting a true HEPA air purifier, you should check out popular air purifier brands in the market. Some of the trusted brands in air purification include Honeywell, Bionaire, Blueair, Ionic Air, Ionic Breeze, and Aprilaire. You should check out these brands first and see if they fit your budget before you look into other brands that you might think are cheaper but are actually giving you less than what you need in a HEPA-air-purifier.


Some of the best HEPA air purification systems in the market include the following.

1. IQAir is the best multifunction system that is greatly helpful for allergy sufferers.

2. Blueair is perfect for bedroom installation due to its quiet performance.

3. Ionic Air is an excellent air purifier for gaseous and biological air contaminants.

Dehumidification – A Cleaner And Humid Air Around You

Dehumidification is the process of eliminating water from the air. This process requires a dehumidifier especially for enclosed locations when the humidity of the air is unstable. It apparatus will treat the so-called ambient or circulating air prior to its exhaustion into an enclosed zone or area of your home. It is recommended that it is used along with an air purifier to ensure clean and refreshing air provided for your home.

In essence, it is the act by which relative humidity is greatly reduced. In the industrial field, there are generally four types of devices that are widely recognized. These are the compression of the air, liquid sorption, condensation-based and solid sorption.

Of course, it cannot be possible if there will be no gadget to be used. One of the best equipment that is available in the market is a Haier dehumidifier. Haier dehumidifier products are all manufactured by Costo company.


Haier Dehumidification Products

The Haier dehumidifier known as the Haier 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with a dehumidifying capacity has the following excellent features and benefits.

1. Fast cooling action system

2. Efficient in performance and extremely quiet

In buying a dehumidifier for effective humidity control, you must have this in mind. First, you must choose carefully the size of the unit. To determine its exact size, measure your room’s square footage that needs humidification. Additionally, it is essential for the buyer to at least have an approximate of its moisture level. Second, a consumer must choose a unit that has automated settings. The built-in hygrometers will automatically measure the relative humidity.

Third, settle for a unit that can perform at low temperatures. If the climate in your country is warm all the time, then go for one unit with an automatic defrost feature. In addition, you must be sure that the dehumidifier you are planning to buy is easy to carry anywhere inside your home.

Lastly, every buyer must choose a dehumidifier that is energy-efficient yet big on features.

Dehumidification of the air around us is essential. Therefore, it is necessary to use the appropriate dehumidification system to make this scientific process effectively work for you and your home.